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Retiree and Past Friends

Litters for 2018


This is the litter from Jack and Jackie born April 2018 and they are 6 weeks old

SIRE: Jack DAM: Jackie


Photo here of Kittens


DAM: Marion

SIRE: Rapper

This is the litter born in February from Mercedes and Rapper She had one beautiful baby called Porcha


PORCHA at 10 weeks

DAM: Mercedes SIRE: Rapper

This is the litter born in March from Marion and Rapper She had three babies two girls and a boy


 Beautiful babies at 8 weeks old


Litters for 2017


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Sire: Flurmonz jumping jack flash (Jack)

Dam: Yendor Vesuvius (V)

These are 11 week old babies from V and Jack

Sire: Rhapsody in blue (Rapper)

Dam: Yendor Ruby Illusion (Ruby)

Rubies babies at 6 weeks and 11 weeks  and Ruby has now been retired as well all happy in their new homes


Sire: Rhydian

Dam: Matilda


All 4 at 10 weeks old


Sire: Rhydian Dam: Jezra
8 weeks old
 Sire: Rapper Dam: Maddison
Five bubs at 11 weeks
Litters for 2016
Sire: Jack Dam: Jackie
All 8 at 7 weeks
Sire: Rapper Dam: Ruby
Sire: Rapper Dam: Vivienne

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