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This is my black silver classic tabby girl called Jackie,
Proper name Yendor Lady Jaquetta
She is only young at the moment but has had one litter and
I have kept a kitten from her and Jack called Juanita
Jackie’s mum is my retired girl Ellie and her dad is Rapper
This is my girl Yendor Vesuvius known as “V” around the house
She is a black patched tortie with white and very friendly
Her mum is Lady Morganna who is now retired and her dad is Jack
Ruby is a black silver tortie with white and she is also the mother of my new boy Rhydian
She is a half sister to Jackie as her mum is Ellie and her dad is Chippy
The proper name for Ruby is Yendor Ruby Illusion and she is still only young
But has a great friendly nature
   This is Jezra a black classic tabby
Her mum is Lady Jaquetta and her dad is Jumpin jack flash
She will join my breeding programme this year 2017
This is Maddisson a blue classic tabby with white
Her mum is Matilda and her dad is Jumpin Jack Flash
She will join my breeding programme this year 2017

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