All Our Cats are tested for HCM all have Received a negative Result

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This is Indiana my new girl for breeding purchased from Cadillac cats She is a very pretty Black smoke Tortie and will used for breeding this year

This is Yendor Janavieve pet name Lara and she is a blue silver tabby and a sister to Harry also from Jack and Jackie and she will also be bred with this year

This is hostgums Hermione and she is Maddison’s granddaughter From my friend Kim in Rosewood She is a blue classic tabby and I will breed with her this year 2019

This is Monster QT of Uralla pet name Queenie She is a black silver tortie mackerel tabby with white Thanks to my friend Liz I will be breeding with her later this year 2019

This is Biscuit .She is a Calico cat which is black, red and white patched tortie Biscuit will be for breeding In 2021