Yendor Maine Coons

I fell in love with this breed several years ago when I bought my first longhaired cat Koriki Sahale. I showed Harley for many years as a very beautiful desexed male to mine and everyone's enjoyment. He reached the status of Gold Double Grand Champion but sadly in June 2012 he passed away unexpectedly.

The Maine Coon is a fun-loving, big, gentle cat who loves the company of people. They also love playing with water, other cats and even dogs. An adult male Maine Coon could weigh as much as 10-15kg. A female is much smaller and would probably only get to around 8-9kg and they all take up to 4 years to mature to this size

Maine Coons are very popular all over the world and are doing extremely well on the show bench. They are a natural cat from the state of Maine in the USA, having found their way to the Europe and Australasia where they are also becoming a very popular breed of cat. They are the “Gentle Giants” of the cat world and the very best companion you can have and most of all I enjoy breeding these wonderful big cats

Legends of the Maine Coon Cat

Legends and Lore

The Maine Coon is considered a native American breed that occurred naturally in the north eastern areas of the United States and in north eastern Canada. There have been all sorts of stories circulated about this most natural of distinctive cat breeds. Early legends has it that this robust cat - with its feral appearance, imposing size and bushy tail often marked with rings - resulted from matings between a domestic cat and an American lynx and even more ridiculous, that the first sire was a raccoon. Although genetically impossible, this legend may explain the origin of the breed's name. Another popular legend possibly explaining the name, tells of a Captain Coon who brought the Maine Coon's ancestors to this country from China.

Surprisingly, history has lined the French Queen Marie Antoinette with the coast of Maine. Prior to her unfortunate demise, the queen planned with the help of an American sea captain, Stephen Clough, to escape to the port of Wiscasset, Maine. A house was set aside for her and her furniture taken there, but the queen never made it to the New World. As the tale goes Captain Clough made the journey, taking along the queen's favourite longhaired cats. Some Maine Coon historians believe today's cats descended from these noble cats.

Another popular scenario traces the Maine Coon's ancestors to the hearty cats brought to America by the Vikings as guardians of their ship's stores.
These cats closely resembled a sturdy breed from Norway called the Skogkatt, whose coat and facial features are similar to the Maine Coon cats'. Like their shipmates, the seafaring cats occasionally jumped ship. Before long it is believed they mated with the native cats of America, and the modern Maine Coon began to evolve. Lacking though, is the documentary evidence of early 17th century European settlers stating that they actually saw domestic type felines when they first arrived.
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