All Our Cats are Being tested for HCM all have received a negative Result


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This is my latest stud boy now growing up and working with the girls His name is Yendor Rhydian Illusion and his mum is Ruby and his dad is Rapper He is a red smoke and is growing into a very handsome big boy with a very friendly temperament

This is my new stud Kingsley Park Soren Many thank to Sharon for this beautiful easy going boy He is now 18 months old and has sired 2 litters and is a great size His colour is blue/silver tabby with white and all his bubs have the silver in them
This is Dennis who is staying with me for a while

He is 8 years old and a black mackerel tabby

This is Classic Rhapsody in Blue pet name Rapper who is a blue classic tabby who is now vasectomised and enjoying life with all the girls
On the 22nd July 2018 my beautiful boy
Chippy passed away peacefully in his bed,
He just went to sleep and did not wake up.

He was a big solid boy with a great temperament. All my girls will miss him as much as I do as he was my vasectomised boy and mated everyone here when they were in call as he only fired blanks and this controlled my breeding, Only ten days before he passed he was mating one of my girls and enjoying himself as always Rest peacefully my beautiful man, your grandson Rhydian keeps your bloodlines going