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I have been breeding cats since 1993, firstly with Siamese and Orientals, then Bengals and now the big gentle giants, Maine Coons They have wonderful temperaments and are good companions. I started with a neuter and fell in love with this breed.

These cats are longhaired and very different from the other breeds but they are very quiet but also a bit clumsy, not as agile as the other breeds and tend to “bulldoze” their way through life. This however gives them a character not found in other breeds and many people have said to me that owning a Maine coon is like collecting chips at a casino, you can never stop at one. I find them to be playful and very loving and easy to handle and they are very kitten like for a long time as they do not fully mature until 4 yrs of age.

 My cats all live in large pens on my property which is acreage and they have views of paddocks and grass and free range chickens and wild bush turkeys to look at. My grandchildren come and visit on a regular basis and play with the kittens so they grow up with plenty of cuddles and fresh air and they also get runs out on the grass. My studs have a run out around the fenced enclosure and so do the girls when they are not in season or pregnant. I also have a vasectomised boy that keeps the girls happy when I don’t want litters and this way I can control my breeding programme

All my kittens are born in the house in a spare room I call my nursery and they stay with their mums until they are de-sexed and ready to go to their new homes. All my babies are vaccinated twice, de-sexed and vet checked before they leave here at the age of 12 weeks and if they need to fly anywhere I use a company called Dogtainers who are based at Brisbane airport and are very good with the handling of my kittens.

I am not a big breeder and spend many hours with all my cats to keep them healthy and strong and virile and give them all a great deal of love and attention to make them happy Being a registered breeder means I am a member of a governing body – QFA in Queensland. QFA has a Code of Ethics that must be adhered to and this Code of Ethics is what guides all my breeding decisions which why the majority of my kittens are sold as de-sexed pets. I do not have an endless supply of kittens as I am an ethical breeder which researches, plans and conducts each mating for a specific reason. Sometimes I have breeding stock available to another registered breeder but on request only